Week 3

  • New tool: Blogging is one of the most basic Web 2.0 tools out there. Most people have read a blog (you’re reading one right now!) and more and more people are taking the leap into blogging themselves. Not only is blogging a great way to get kids writing, it is also helpful in teaching students about self-editing, peer reviewing, and digital citizenship. Kidblog.org was designed with teachers in mind. A teacher creates an account with his/her email address and then assigns usernames and passwords for each student in the class. You must be logged in to read or comment on the posts so there is no worry about outside people posting inappropriate comments. Our own Sarah Stephenson’s 2nd grade students have started their blogs this week. This is the link to it if you want to see the set up (remember, you won’t be able to read or comment on the posts but you can see the arrangement and recent activity). Sarah and I would be happy to share our thoughts and experiences so far if you would like to talk to us. Check out her 2nd graders blogging on the Mustang Minute here.


  • Computer Tip: Has your computer ever frozen on you? I know mine has. You can always turn your computer off and on again but there is another option you can try first. **Note: This tip is for a PC. If you have a Mac, check out this article** If your computer is frozen and you can make any application open or close, hit Ctrl Alt Delete (just like when you are starting up your computer). You should get a screen that looks like this

  or possibly like this   From here, click on Task Manager. You should get a screen that pops up and lists all of the applications you have running at the moment.

    Click on the application you were using when the computer froze and then click End Task. Keep doing this until your computer starts working again. If you’ve closed all the applications and it is still frozen, you’ll probably have to go ahead and restart your computer.

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