Week 4

  • New Tool: First there were the little magnetic letters for kids to play with on the fridge, then there were magnetic words to create poems out of, and now there are virtual magnetic poems to create. Not just poems, either. You can create an entire virtual magnetic story on Kids’ Poetry Page. You choose which kit you want (Kids’ Kit, First Words, Best Friends, or Story Maker), choose which magnetic surface you want (fridge, white board, or locker), and start creating. Once your poem is finished, you can publish it online and/or email it out. This would be really fun to do whole group up on the Promethean Board or Interactive White Board because they kids can use the pen to drag the magnets over to where they want them. It could also be easily done individually on the computers. Though this seems to be created for younger students, middle and upper schoool students would also be able to use it to create great works of literature. You can email your poem or print it out after it has been published. Check out the poem I came up with:
  • Computer Tip: Ever saved a file on your computer and then forgotten where you saved it? I do that all the time. Well, there is an easier way to find that missing file than actually trying to remember what you did with it. Click on the start button (that’s the button on the bottom left corner of your screen) and type in the name of the document (you don’t have to have the whole name). Hopefully the file you are looking for will pop up. Unless you’ve forgotten what you named it…. Anyway, here’s a picture to help you out:

  • Relevant Article: This article is an amazing example of student-centered learning. It specifically reminds me of a project Ms. Kirbo and I wanted to do with her first graders last year. We (Ms. Kirbo and I) really, really, really wanted to write and perform a play with the students. Unfortunately–or rather, fortunately–they had other plans. Thus, the Kirboland Zoo was born. It was an eye opening experience to say the least. Check out this teacher’s story of his one great lesson this year.

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