Week 7

**Sorry for the late update! Being sick for a week really throws my schedule off!**

  • New Tool: Some great tools we’ve been using for a long time in math are math manipulatives. You can now find virtual math manipulatives online. On Math Playground you can find everything from pattern blocks to geometry boards to fraction scales. All of these can be shown up on your IWB and manipulated using the pen or wand. This could be done as a whole class activity or as a center. This website could be used by all grade levels and could be given for students to use at home for extra help.
  • Computer Tip: The new version of Microsoft Windows that we have on our computers has a neat function called Snipping Tool. If you go down to your Start menu and type Snipping Tool in the finder, it will come up. This tool allows you to quickly capture a shot from your screen.  Like this:


  • This can be helpful if you need to copy what is on your screen and paste it on a document for students or parents to see. This is also helpful when trying to explain to your IT department what exactly your computer is trying to tell you. Just snip a shot of the error message (or whatever is wrong) and paste it into an email to send. Here is a link to a tutorial about how to use Snipping Tool.
  • Relevant Article: With our first MVPS Twitter chat under our belts, I thought I’d give you guys a few resources to use to try to figure this whole Twitter thing out. This first one is a slide show that is a quick tutorial of Twitter. This next article is an explanation of what a Twitter chat is and why so many educators are using it. The third article is an explanation of what hashtags (#) are and how they are used. And, lastly, we have Katie’s wonderful explanation of how to participate in our future chats (How to Participate in a Twitter MVPS Chat).  I hope this all makes Twitter just a little easier for you to understand.

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